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The Journey to your
Best Life begins Now!

Take a deep breath and give yourself permission to invest in your peace, life, sexual intimacy, marriage and relationships! Your legacy awaits!

In-person and Virtual Sessions available for the Greater Houston, Sugar Land, Richmond, Katy and surrounding areas and all Texas residents.

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Individual Therapy

$175 per 50 min. session


Insurance Accepted from Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, & Optum/UHC plans Only.


Individual therapy is your personal brave space and opportunity to be honest with and about yourself to explore life’s challenges, goals and dreams. In this space you are able to address work/life balance, fears, insecurities, relationships, unhealthy coping and patterns, self-care, healthy habits and boundaries, and your hope for the future. This unique space allows you the freedom to be authentically you, free from any judgment, to discover your best self through intentional living.

Couples and Sex Therapy

$175 per 50 min. session


*Insurance Accepted from Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, & Optum/UHC plans Only.

Relationships take continual effort and intention to be successful. There are times when love alone seems inadequate for relational satisfaction. Couples therapy is the space to improve and rekindle the relational love and commitment you desire. Sex therapy is designed for those who want to improve their knowledge and understanding about sex, and discover comfortability through a sex-positive framework. We recognize it can be uncomfortable discussing concerns about sexual health and intimacy, even with a healthcare professional. Stepping outside of your comfort zone, in a nonjudgmental space, to openly explore and learn about healthy consensual sex, allows for you and your partner to create mutually satisfying sexual intimacy. Sex therapy services is not recommended for persons with a sex-related trauma history.

*Couples therapy is not a covered service by some insurance plans. Please contact your insurance provider to check your specific coverage (billing code for couples is 90847).

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Premarital Therapy

Starting at $230 per session (A special package price is available for approved companies/faith-based organizations. Call for details)


*Insurance Accepted from Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, & Optum/UHC plans Only.

It is essential to the health of your relationship to get off to a great start. Premarital therapy and education will assist in preparing for a lifelong commitment of friendship and love. We utilize the Prepare/Enrich assessment to provide a snapshot of your relationship and to determine treatment goals, as you prepare for a life together. Learn essential skills to prevent common relational pitfalls, identify your strengths and life goals as you develop a strategy to maintain a vibrant marital relationship.


*Couples therapy is not a covered service by some insurance plans. Please contact your insurance provider to check your specific coverage (billing code for couples is 90847).

Group Therapy

$100 per session


Self-pay Only, Insurance is not Accepted.

Group therapy is designed to provide a small supportive community (group members) that will take the journey towards wholeness with you. Groups typically meet weekly and consist of 6-10 participants with one or two facilitators or therapists. Topics covered in group can vary, but generally surround improving interpersonal dynamics, processing emotions, support for life and societal/racial challenges, relational improvement, and psychoeducation. It is common to feel as if you are the only person going through or feeling the way that you do. Group therapy is a great option for those who feel this way and would like to discover others who understand.


For information about current group offerings and requirements for participation, please contact our office.

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Life and Executive Coaching

Investments start at $250


Self-pay Only, Insurance is not Accepted.

Life coaching is designed to help you become your authentic self and make progress towards your life and/or marital goals. Building upon your strengths, life coaching holds you accountable and provides strategic support while you improve designated areas in your relationships and everyday living. Life coaching is NOT psychotherapy or a form of mental health therapy and is not intended for individuals with mental health concerns. Coaching provides the structure and encouragement needed to find momentum in achieving your personal and relational goals.


Executive coaching, while similar, is reserved for companies and faith-based organizations seeking support in achieving and improving their effectiveness in various areas including leadership, organizational culture, cohesion, diversity and cultural sensitivity, courageous conversations, and other related goals.

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